A Civil War Monument

Waxahachie Town Square Ellis County Courthouse Grounds Texas

Waxahachie Town Square
Ellis County Courthouse Grounds

There are many tributes to veterans across our nation.   This blog notes one remarkable effort by a community and county in honoring their own, while expressing gratitude for all who serve.  Their immortalized recognition started with this single statue.

The Ellis County monument, in homage to veterans of the Civil War, was dedicated 100 years ago by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sims-Watson Chapter 512, based in Waxahachie, Texas.   Three years of fundraising were involved in creating this memorial which was rededicated on its 100th anniversary in 2012.

In honor of the dead and living of Ellis County who wore the gray
Banners may be furled but heroism lives forever
Erected by the Daughters of the Confederacy, unveiled Nov. 2,1912

This lone monument would be the motivation for two initial Waxahachie residents, 75 years later, to create a modern-day tribute in gratitude to their veterans of subsequent wars and conflicts.

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Advocate For Honoring Military Service
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2 Responses to A Civil War Monument

  1. Tracy says:

    Hello Karen,

    I was wondering when was your Monument placed at the Civic Center.

    • Karen Evans says:

      Hello Tracy,

      The veterans monument was finished on the grounds of the Civic Center in 2000. If you viewed the post, Veterans Day, you are able to see the beautiful memorial as it appears years later. The workmanship and devotion to veterans is a truly moving experience.

      Thank you for visiting.

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